Vision and Goal Statements

  • Promote the sport of pickleball in order to provide a physical and mental wellness program to improve the lives of the general population
  • Emphasize efforts towards the rapidly growing aging population that is projected to grow at a faster pace than any other age group
  • Promote pickleball to all generations in order to grow the sport along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
  • Coordinate with city and county governments to develop infrastructure and resources to provide indoor and outdoor dedicated pickleball courts 
  • Partner with private organizations to solicit funding and to promote the value of this sport to community leaders and citizens 
  • Develop an outdoor complex complete with a minimum of 12-18 courts complete  with state-of the-art lighting, shade structures and a  restroom/concession/storage facility
  • Promote  the marking of existing tennis courts by municipalities to  accommodate pickleball play 
  • Develop  government owned facilities that are unused or minimally used to create satellite indoor court locations
  • Coordinate with faith-based groups to promote pickleball as a family fellowship  activity 
  •  Promote pickleball play among the veteran population. Harrison County has  the second largest veteran population in the State.
  • Provide opportunities for skill development and competition 
  • Maintain a comprehensive information hub of pickleball activities
  • Provide a pickleball destination site with a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and residents alike to experience southern hospitality and great opportunities for play 
  • Foster the growth of a unique, inclusive community focused on fun and fitness